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X-Guide® by X-Nav Technologies represents a significant step forward in the way dentists perform implant treatment. Compatible with the most advanced cone-beam imaging systems, X—Guide by X-Nav Technologies takes implant planning and placement to the next level.

How it works

The X-Guide by X-Nav Technologies incorporates the most advanced implant planning software and optical CT guidance to enhance the implant workup process and placement procedures.

As it assesses the data collected on the specifics of the patient’s anatomy, this advanced system enables our dentist to precisely analyze, visualize, map out, and execute every step of the implant planning and placement process.

Predictable outcomes and long-lasting results

  • Advanced and integrated planning software - X-Guide by X-Nav Technologies allows our dentist to treatment plan and map out the exact location and placement of your dental implants. The system also allows us to simulate the placement of “virtual teeth, thus allowing us to design and fabricate replacement teeth that look great and function at their best.
  • Easy navigation and accurate placement - With advanced optical CT guidance and real-time monitoring, X-Guide by X-Nav Technologies enables our dentist to control the exact placement of your new dental implant, including its position, angle, and depth, with the ultimate precision.

What this means to the patient

Offering a seamless and precise workflow process from treatment planning to implant placement, X-Guide by X-Nav Technologies helps to ensure a more comfortable patient experience, more reliable and cosmetically pleasing outcomes, and long-term implant success.


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